Four bits of Nonsense (Opus 20)

by Michael Gryspeerdt


The Oriel Singers, recorded at Michael Gryspeerdt's tribute concert at Cheltenham Town Hall, 6th June 2000. Recording by Pete Guppy and Mark Cotterell.


  • I. Mary's Ghost

A setting of a "pathetic ballad" by Thomas Hood (1799-1845) which tells of Mary who appears as a ghost to her young William to tell him that she has suffered the attentions of body snatchers .. . "You thought that I was buried deep, quite decent like and chary, But from her grave in Marybone, They've come and boned your Mary!"

  • II. Who's been unravelling my bolero?

A humorous arrangement of Ravel's Bolero (using some of the words to Bobby Shaftoe).

  • III. Last tango in Cheltenham

"Why on earth do people dance the tango, spreading consternation and dismay? Surely a mazurka or fandango is more civilised in every way."

  • IV. She was poor but she was honest

A humorous ballad which tells in twelve short verses the story of a girl who was poor . . ."but she was honest, victim of a rich man's game; First he loved her, then he left her, and she lost her maiden name". Eventually she ends her life by jumping off a bridge and drowning in the River Thames!


  • Soprano (2)
  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Bass

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