Four Eucharistic Motets (Opus 30)

by Michael Gryspeerdt

"The very first publication of The Music Makers, published in 1997: Four Eucharistic Motets are exceptionally well written, containing familiar texts set in Latin. The pieces evoke a deep spirituality and have been widely performed. Michael Gryspeerdt's careful writing contain some powerful harmonies including a degree of chromaticism, making them best suited to cathedral and exceptionally good parish choirs only." - The Music Makers


A performance of the fourth Motet: Adoremus in Aeternum.


  • I. O Salutaris Hostia
  • II. Tantum Ergo
  • III. Anima Christi
  • IV. Adoremus in Aeternum


  • Soprano
  • Alto
  • Tenor
  • Bass

Printed Music

The motets, along with several more of Michael's liturgical compositions are available from The Music Makers (Cat. # L001). To order, please contact them.